In the decade since Fraxel first pioneered true fractional laser technology, physicians around the world have treated more than 800,000 patients. That’s nearly a million treatments for women and men of all ethnicities, each with their own reasons for wanting to look and feel younger.

How fraxel treatment works wonder

The technology behind fraxel treatment is as revolutionary as the results it can deliver. Unlike other laser treatments, fraxel treatment is able to precisely treat thousands of microscopic areas of skin, using pinpoint laser beams that penetrate beneath the skin surface to eliminate old, damaged skin cells. Fraxel treatment stimulates the body’s own natural healing process which replaces damaged skin with fresh, glowing, healthy skin.

Your personalized fraxel treatment plan

Your skin is unique –your generic make-up, lifestyle and personal history all contribute to how your skin looks and feels. With fraxel treatment, your physician/technician can develop can develop a treatment plan tailored to your skin individual needs.

By design fraxel treatments can target between 5 and 35 percent of the skin’s surface. Leaving the remaining 65 to 95 percent available to quickly heal the treated areas. Since fraxel treatment is so precise. It’s safe and effective on delicate skin areas like the neck, chest and hands, in addition to the face. You can expect two levels of results, immediate and progressive. Immediately after initial healing is complete, the surface of your skin will feel softer, look brighter and tone to start to become even. Progressive results occur over the next three to six months as the deeper layers of skin continue to heal.

Simply put, Fraxel treatment promotes your skin’s own healing process, resulting in natural rejuvenation that removes years from your appearance.

Depending on your skin, you can decide how you want to attain the remarkable results fraxel treatment delivers. Aggressive treatments require fewer sessions and results may include more post treatment redness and possible swelling –meaning a few days of social downtime. Less aggressive treatments accomplish the same results, with a few more treatment sessions and pronounced side effects. For some types of skin and skin conditions, gentle and/or fewer treatments are best. Fraxel treatment was specifically engineered to give your physician/technician complete treatment control based on your particular needs.

Fraxel Laser Treatment (FLT) is a "fractional" treatment that produces thousands of deep, tiny columns in your skin, called microthermal treatment zones. FLT is "fractional" in that it intensively treats old epidermal pigment cells without affecting any of the surrounding tissue, which reduces healing time and promotes the skin's natural process for creating new, healthier tissue to replace the damaged cells.
Until Fraxel, there were two types of available laser treatments. Ablative laser treatment, which literally means to vaporize at very high temperature, is very effective but has significant side effects and requires a lengthy healing period. The other available laser treatment, being non-ablative, has little or no side effects and almost no healing time, but requires numerous treatments over many months and has limited results at best. Fraxel treatments offer the effectiveness of ablative treatments with the benefits of the gentler, non-ablative lasers.
FLT is designed to target aging and sun damaged skin by targeting portions of specific damaged tissue. By creating microscopic "wounds" within the targeted areas well beneath the outer most epidermal layer of skin, Fraxel Laser treatments trigger the body's natural healing process accelerating the production of collagen and new, healthy skin cells.
Since FLT has the impact of ablative lasers but the gentler benefits of the non-ablative treatments, healing time is significantly accelerated so there is minimal downtime. Because the Fraxel Laser penetrates the non-living out layer of skin leaving it completely untreated, make-up can be worn immediately following the procedure. Some patients are able to return to routine activities, including work and social obligations, the same day of treatment. Others require a little more time, depending upon their skin condition and treatment. Please consult your physician to understand how Fraxel® Laser Treatment will fit into your schedule.
Swelling and redness are the most common side effects from treatment. If swelling does occur, it is minimal and will subside within a day or two. Redness may occur and will fade within a few days. There is a very limited risk of infection or scarring.
Clinical studies suggest that on average, an effective treatment regimen is 3 to 5 sessions, spaced about 2 to 4 weeks apart. Depending upon your condition and schedule, you and your physician may choose to space treatment sessions even further apart. Results are immediate and progressive. Optimal improvement is usually visible in about 2 to 3 months. This time frame and treatment structure allows for complete healing and replacement of damaged tissue with new collagen and elastin, and viable healthy skin cell growth.
To prepare your skin for treatment, it will be cleansed. Then a blue tint, called OptiGuide Blue, is applied to the treatment area. The tint increases the contrast of tiny folds in the skin's surface, allowing the Fraxel® Laser handpiece to precisely read the discreet contours of the treatment area. A topical anesthetic ointment is also applied to the treatment area approximately 60 minutes prior to treatment in order for the anesthetic to take full effect. The procedure takes between 20 to 25 minutes for a full face. The blue tint and anesthetic ointment are washed off immediately after the treatment.
Most patients describe the treatment as having a "prickling" sensation. The topical anesthetic ointment and air cooling alleviates most discomfort.
During the first 24 hours after treatment, your skin may feel as though it is sunburned, and it will appear pink or red. Make-up can be worn to reduce the sunburned appearance. Your skin will naturally bronze over the next week or two. As you continue treatment, the sunburned to bronze conditions will repeat. Just like a natural sunburn, your skin will flake and exfoliate normally. Using a moisturizer will help reduce the appearance of dry flakes.
Wearing sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher twice a day is especially important. Avoid direct sun exposure during the healing process and for at least 3 months after treatment. Wearing wide brimmed hats is highly recommended when out in the elements.

Fraxel Re:store Laser System

The Fraxel Re:store is a powerful dual wavelength cosmetic laser system for skin resurfacing that can treat the entire body with remarkable patient comfort.

The Optimal Wavelength—Now Even Faster

One of the first questions that virtually every potential cosmetic patient asks is “How much will this hurt?” While some skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation procedures can be quite uncomfortable and require significant downtime, that’s not the case with the Fraxel Re:store system. This dual wavelength model is known for producing exceptional results while maximizing patient comfort. It can also be used to treat acne scars, melasma, soft tissue coagulation, actinic keratosis and more. Like all the Fraxel models, it offers the company’s Optical Tracking system that helps operators give a uniform treatment in as little as 20 minutes. This system’s touch-screen interface also makes it exceptionally easy and intuitive to use. UsedCosmetic.com has the best prices on used Fraxel Restore systems.

Detailed Product Description

The Fraxel Re:store has the following features:

  • Laser type: Fractional non-ablative fiber laser
  • Wavelength: 1550 nm, 1927 nm
  • Pulse repetition rate: Up to 3,000 MTZs per second
  • 15″ touch-screen display panel
  • Dual fiber laser technology
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 19″ wide x 19″ high x 18″ deep
  • Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 H

Customized Treatments

Apogee’s variable spot sizes and pulse widths allow for complete customization of procedures based on client hair and skin type—for optimal outcome efficiency.

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